What I’m Reading – Week of Sept 10, 2018

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read and watched this week:   On Goals and Regret https://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/concealed-emotions/ “Goals are emotional because you’re anticipating a future where things are better than today, or avoiding a situation where they could be worse than today. The point of a goal … Read more

Legacy Mentor Instagram Launch

I have launched an Instagram page for Legacy Mentor:  www.instagram.com/legacymentorofficial/ – handle @legacymentorofficial A lot of folks always ask me what I’m reading, what productivity hacks I’m using, what quotes of the day I’m throwing around and the reasoning behind them.  IG is a great place for me to offer short-form peeks into my process. … Read more

Focus On Your Legacy Now – There Is No Later

If you were to ‘depart’ tomorrow, when your peers and loved ones gather to discuss what is your lasting contribution, what you are to be remembered for, what will they say? “Dan really crushed those quarterly PowerPoint presentations.” “Sally never missed a client call.” While producing top-notch presentations and 24/7 availability may be important to … Read more