Processing Loss to Build Resilience

After experiencing an epic loss take the time to do a critical analysis and assessment of every data point leading up to your previous success, the downturn, and the aftermath. When you figure out the true nature of your past success, you can begin to build a process for the future – and you will be living a resilient life.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Setting Goals

The three biggest mistakes I see made when setting goals are: 1. Individuals lack proper motivation to do the work necessary because they think of outcomes in terms of accomplishing their goals instead of the consequences of not accomplishing them. 2. Lack of defined filters to determine if a goal is in fact a goal … Read more

Why I Started a New Mastermind

I often get asked to start a group coaching program for folks who don’t fit into my traditional 1:1 client demo. These would be earlier-stage founders, aspirational entrepreneurs and small business owners.