My Interview with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Last week I had the honor of being interviewed on Jeremy’s “Create Your Own Life” podcast in the company of some very accomplished and famous guests – check them out. Jeremy is a wonderful interviewer and a fellow Jersey guy so we had a natural rapport. We discussed a wide range of personal and professional … Read more

New Podcast Interview and What I’m Reading – The Week of Jan 27th

* My appearance on Ima Sumac Watkins’ podcast SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

* On Control and Letting Go: “The more we try to control things the less we are open to what is actually happening.”

* The Great Paradox of Peak Performance: “Peak performance happens as a result of trying really hard, and then not trying at all.”

* The Lifecycle of Greed and Fear: “You deserve to be right. Isn’t that an innocent idea?”

* On Strategy and Entrepreneurship: “We call all companies started by entrepreneurs “startups”, but the kind that is started as a job replacement and the kind that is started to create entrepreneurial profit are different animals altogether.”

LA40 Talk Radio Interview

On September 20th I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katerina Cozias on LA40 Talk Radio.  A brief description of the long-form interview is below. You can click on the image or the link underneath to listen or watch the interview. LA40 Interview: “Saying yes to life” – This week on the talk show … Read more