My Interview With Tyler Mongan – Podcast

In this dialogue we discuss:

* The power of listening
* How positive thinking increases resilience, how to align tasks with goals
* How to balance feelings and facts
* The role of self validation and external validation for future focused leadership 

My Interview On Dylan Slattery’s Podcast

Recently I had the privileged to be a guest on Dylan Slattery’s podcast – Dylan is a Stage 4 cancer survivor, one of the most resilient-minded people I’ve ever met, a great motivational speaker and an amazing human being!  Links to all formats below. Episode 26 Description: From working on Wall Street in his early … Read more

My Podcast and Forbes Interview With Blake Morgan

I had a wonderful time speaking with Blake about a wide range of subjects including: Leadership in the current crisis environment My experience coaching high performing women and female executives The importance of storytelling Lots more! Links to podcast episode and the Forbes article: Listen to our full interview here on Spotify: Web stream … Read more

My Interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Podcast

Reaching goals in business is top of mind for most high achieving business owners and executives. But what happens when a plateau is reached?

In this episode, Adam Torres and Damon D’Amore, C-Suite Advisor and Performance Specialist at Legacy Mentor, discuss some of the key factors necessary for both personal and professional growth.

How I Listen To Podcasts

I listen to podcasts with intention.

Visualization is a key component of my thinking and learning process.  I use mind mapping all the time and while it is a great tool for communicating information to others, it is also an amazing tool for learning and retaining information yourself.

My Interview with Jeremy Ryan Slate

Last week I had the honor of being interviewed on Jeremy’s “Create Your Own Life” podcast in the company of some very accomplished and famous guests – check them out. Jeremy is a wonderful interviewer and a fellow Jersey guy so we had a natural rapport. We discussed a wide range of personal and professional … Read more