What I’m Reading – Week of December 6th

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read, watched or listened to this week.

[pic: @LegacyMentorOfficial IG page] “Life is a game and you are all-in because it IS going to kill you. So why not play the most magnificent game that you can while you’re waiting?

The solution to the problem of malevolence and tragedy is to confront them.”

Happy Friday. Some of my work notes shared with a client today re: finding meaning in her suffering. Be grateful. It’s a blessing that you get to play The Infinite Game.

Choose sacrifice. Choose growth.

  • How To Handle The Beast

“Our species knows the Beast well, but we don’t talk about it much. I suppose that’s because it’s hard to win at the rat race and other public-facing status games when you admit you are suffering. But suffering less is more important.”


  • How Julia Child Used First Principles Thinking

“There’s a big difference between knowing how to follow a recipe and knowing how to cook. If you can master the first principles within a domain, you can see much further than those who are just following recipes.”


  • Leading During A Crisis (video)

“There are certain kinds of rules in a crisis. Number one, I don’t respond in little pieces and then change my mind. I wait until I get the facts. It’s your response that defines who you really are in other people’s eyes.”


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