What I’m Reading – Week of January 5th

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read, watched or listened to this week.

  • How To Go Deeper in 2020

“New worlds you will one day consider a part of yourself might lie only inches deeper than places you’ve been many times.”


  • A Better Way To Think About Self-Improvement

“If you really want to improve yourself, you are going to need to look far beyond your ‘self.’ It is a trap to direct your focus only inward. Any meaningful change is also heavily influenced by what is outward.”


  • The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

Amateurs believe that the world should work the way they want it to. Professionals realize that they have to work with the world as they find it.” (See Next Article Below)


  • Getting the World to Do the Work for You

“The world will do a lot of the work for us if we only align with how it works and stop fighting it. Most of the time we want the world to work differently so we work against it.”


For those of you who enjoy following my music tastes, while it’s been a long time since I posted a monthly playlist, I did share my 2019 Most Played songs – click the image at the bottom of THIS PAGE for the Spotify link.

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