What I’m Reading – Week of March 8th

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read, watched or listened to this week.

[pic: Speaking on a panel about failure and resilience]

  • What We Can Learn From Regret And Nostalgia (audio)

“Regret is the second-most mentioned emotion in daily life. It has a negative association but is actually extremely helpful and positive.”


  • How To Read A Book

“Reading a book is a way to temporarily walk into someone else’s shoes. How much you want to understand the way they think and see the world is up to you.”


  • Having Difficult Conversations

“Productive conversations take real empathy. Empathy works. It’s not only human and caring; it’s practical.”


  • How to Practice Loving-Kindness

“I discovered that while loving-kindness is taught in many ways by different teachers, ultimately it is an equalizer. It is a state that can be developed through practices that help us cultivate the unconditional, expansive qualities of the heart.”


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