What I’m Reading – Week of Sept 10, 2018

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read and watched this week:


Goals are emotional because you’re anticipating a future where things are better than today, or avoiding a situation where they could be worse than today. The point of a goal is managing regret, and regret is an emotion. So any time you save for retirement, or your kids’ education, or imagine a world where you’re out of debt, you’re diving into a world filled with overconfidence in how you’ll feel when a goal is met, or potential disappointment when they aren’t.” – Morgan Housel


Scale brings a lot more of everything — the good and the bad. Scaling emotional resilience has been a learning experience.” – Adventur.es team


Young people have the illusion of choices. But if you want to be good, you have no choices.” – Nick Saban



If people can’t think clearly about anything that has become part of their identity, then all other things being equal, the best plan is to let as few things into your identity as possible.” – Paul Graham

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