My Interview On Dylan Slattery’s Podcast

Recently I had the privileged to be a guest on Dylan Slattery’s podcast – Dylan is a Stage 4 cancer survivor, one of the most resilient-minded people I’ve ever met, a great motivational speaker and an amazing human being!  Links to all formats below.

Episode 26 Description:

From working on Wall Street in his early twenties without a college degree to giving it all up to pursue a career in Hollywood, Damon has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly that life can offer.

In this episode you will learn how to pivot as he did, from career changes, to 9/11, to failed marriages, and come back stronger than ever on the other side.

We also discuss how Damon worked his way to producing Undercover Boss and The Apprentice and learn what it was like being on set with Donald Trump.

You will not want to miss this as Damon shares how his experience working with CEO’s has led him to uncovering his life’s purpose.

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