New Book Release From One Of Our Readers

I am SO EXCITED to share the new book Productive Intuition from one of our readers, AdaPia d’Errico.

There have been many phases of my relationship with AdaPia, all of them enriching and valuable.  We first met when I owned a lead generation company and she was a C-Suite executive at a financial technology (FinTech) firm. Later she became a coaching client when moving on to the next phase of her journey. And since then I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with AdaPia and her family (including her amazing pups who my dog loves to play with!).

Her journey to this book publication was long and adventurous, it is truly part of her Hero’s/Heroine Journey and now she’s at the Return and Share phase and we are all fortunate to have the opportunity to tap her well of knowledge.

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Book description in AdaPia’s own words:

“Whether you’ve thought that intuition was weird or woo, or you’ve been using intuition to gain an edge, the relationship we have with our intuition; voice of truth, inner compass, is complex.

Yet intuition is simple. It’s always there…if we know how to listen to it, and how to get our rational minds out of the way of the transcendent intelligence that is constantly feeding us with information, ideas, directions, solutions.

It is what I call inner authority.

I wrote this book for the person who, like me, realizes there is MORE to you than meets the eye (or the mind), and who wants to access the suite of subtle superpowers that give you unshakeable confidence, powerful poise, and impeccable presence.

Productive Intuition is a book about connecting to the transcendent intelligence within and working with it consciously. I hope you’ll find it helpful on your journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.”

If you want to learn more about AdaPia and the book you can visit her at

From the publisher:

In a world where it’s hard to know who to trust anymore, it’s more important than ever to trust yourself. “Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle” is the first book to explore the intersection of science and spirituality through story and the senses to immediately bring you into alignment with your Inner Authority. Bridging the seemingly disparate functions of intellect and intuition, you will discover the most incredible sense of empowerment.

You will connect into a deep reservoir of strength, faith and trust in yourself that you can call upon for every situation and area of life. This book provides a unique and simple framework for integrating parts of yourself you’ve ignored, suppressed, or forgotten about. By reclaiming them, you unlock and command an unshakeable source of confidence, power, and presence. Whether you are practical and intellectually minded, or visionary and creatively inclined, “Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle” will bring to light all your latent powers and access your transcendent intelligent and perceptual abilities effortlessly.

You will discover that you were drawn to this book at the exact right moment, not because of any outside confirmation, but from listening to the voice within you that “always knows.” It’s time to give that voice its due recognition. For even more support on how to integrate your intuition and activate your Inner Authority, go to

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