What I’m Reading – The Week of February 24th

* On Honest Self-Assessment: “Am I slipping? I don’t think so. I think I’m still what I set out to be.”

* An EPIC Tweet Storm About New Years Resolutions: “I told some co-workers at my ex-employer about the blog and they mostly mocked it. There was even a betting pool for how many weeks before I gave up.”

* How To Be  A Calmer Person: “Knowing that you can’t force unpleasant emotions away, try being aware of them instead of fighting with them.”

* You Can’t Meditate Wrong: “It’s just being yourself, being your experience of this moment, over and over. It’s simple but, if we’re honest, not always easy.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of February 17th

* What If Someone Copies Your Business Idea?: “Anything that can be copied will be copied. Anything you read on popular blogs is also read by everyone else. You don’t have an “edge” just because you’re passionate, hard-working, or “lean.””

* The Best Way To Learn Anything: “The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.”

* How To Improve Your Speech: “We teach children how to write, but not how to speak.”

* The KonMari Method to Tidy Your Mind: “You live simple, you train hard, and live an honest life. Then you are free.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of February 10th

* How To Maximize Serendipity: “Serendipity is a state of mind. Serendipity births unexpected opportunities which fuel progress and push us in fruitful directions. Serendipity is a skill, which means it can be learned.”

* On Defending Your Time: “One thing at a time doesn’t mean one thing, then another thing, then another thing in quick succession.”

* Thinking Around Human Bling Spots: “We can take some idea and spin a complete and compelling story around it…and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right.”

* The Argument For Spending More Time Outdoors: “We think shopping makes us happy, or streaming Netflix, eating ice cream—and those things do make us happy, but we get a tremendous boost from being outside in a natural.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of February 3rd

* The Origins of Greed and Fear: “The two traits evolve from something innocent: the amount of confidence we have that our actions influence our outcomes.”

* How To Do Great Things: “Moving forward requires change but change does not mean that you are moving forward.”

* Maximizing Creativity: “We don’t see the universe as it is; we see it as we are.”

* Mindless Resolutions: “Resolutions don’t stick because they’re tactics, not systems. They’re strategies, not philosophies.”

New Podcast Interview and What I’m Reading – The Week of Jan 27th

* My appearance on Ima Sumac Watkins’ podcast SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

* On Control and Letting Go: “The more we try to control things the less we are open to what is actually happening.”

* The Great Paradox of Peak Performance: “Peak performance happens as a result of trying really hard, and then not trying at all.”

* The Lifecycle of Greed and Fear: “You deserve to be right. Isn’t that an innocent idea?”

* On Strategy and Entrepreneurship: “We call all companies started by entrepreneurs “startups”, but the kind that is started as a job replacement and the kind that is started to create entrepreneurial profit are different animals altogether.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of January 20th

* Life and Business Lessons from Morgan Housel: “Part of the reason pessimism is more seductive than optimism is because it’s easy to underestimate our ability to change in the future.”

* Why Delayed Gratification Works: “You can create a masterpiece in two days – after years of effort.”

* Why Insecure People Buy More Things: Why Insecure People Buy More Things: “Money may not buy you love, but it won’t break your heart either.”

* Less Focus on Specific Goals and More Focus On Practicing Life: “Life satisfaction is a byproduct of transitioning from being a seeker, or someone who wants a certain lifestyle, to a practitioner, or someone who lives that lifestyle day in and day out.”

* On Going Deep Versus Going Broad: “Depth wasn’t so much a game of persistently striving to top myself, it was more like a new lens for looking at the tools and opportunities that had always been there.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of January 13th

* What Holds Us Back from Performing to Our Capabilities? Our Self.: “Trying to do anything well exposes your ego and self-esteem. It makes you vulnerable, open to seeing where your skill set truly lies. You have to confront reality, something that as humans, we actively avoid.”

* Coolest Things I Learned in 2018: “Fun factoids and interesting stats.”

* The Rise After the Fall: Post-Traumatic Growth in Life and Markets: “Of course there is no silver bullet to life. There is no fool-proof way to guarantee success and recovery through trauma.”

* Thoughts for the Year Ahead: “The end of December is a time for resolutions for many but more important than any resolution is to take time to reflect on the life you’re living.”

End of Year Post – What I’m Reading – The Week of December 29th

* My Favorite Year-End Lessons Learned Post: “These are the major things I’ve learned this year, in no particular order…”

* On Cultivating and Sustaining Love: “Love is losing yourself in the process of caring about and showing undivided attention to someone or something, through ups and downs. It’s as simple and as hard as that.”

* On Planning For The Ups and Downs of Happiness: “There are time when all the lies you have told yourself about yourself just fall away.”

* On Attention Being A Valuable Resource: “In many ways, we are what we pay attention to. The things that we work on also work on us. Everything we take in has an effect on the taker-inner, on us. Our attention is perhaps the most precious resource there is. We need to use it as skillfully as we can.”

* On Fake Versus Real Toughness: “The strongest people we know  tend to be caring, considerate, and calm. The people we know who want to be strong and tough — but who are not — tend to be loud, defensive, and overly proud.”

What I’m Reading – The Week of December 22nd

* On the Ups and Downs of Happiness: “There are time when all the lies you have told yourself about yourself just fall away.”

* On the Value of Taking Pay Cuts: “You’ll make your own calculations. But you will be making a mistake if all of those calculations are financial.”

* How to Remember What You Learn: “There is a way to slow down the process of forgetting. We are not taught how to learn in school, we are taught how to pass tests.”

* Why Unread Books Are More Valuable to Our Lives than Read Ones: “We tend to treat our knowledge as personal property to be protected and defended.”