What I’m Reading – Week of December 4th

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read, watched or listened to this week.

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  • Training = Turning Pro

“Amateurs have amateur habits. Pros have professional habits.”


[My review of the book Turning Pro can be found on my Top Five books on personal development post at: https://damondamore.com/five-favorite-personal-development-books-time/ ]

  • Why You Should Have An Anti-Mentor (video)

“Someone who, when they look down on you or disagree with you, you know you’re doing something right. If they are agreeing with you, you might want to reassess your value’s and decisions.”


  • Advice Gets Good When It Gets Specific

“Without a specific application point, a piece of classic wisdom is just a platitude.”


  • Elements of Effective Thinking

“We’re seduced into believing that brilliant thinkers are born that way. We think they magically produce brilliant ideas. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


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