My End of Year Review and Goal Setting Process

I just returned from my annual year end review/goal-setting retreat in Joshua Tree, CA.

For all my pals who geek out on this stuff here’s a peek at my process. Mind maps ranging from personal to professional to dial in for 2020 to be committed to my Passion Planner.


Day 1
> Draft a brutally honest personal and professional Mea Culpa
> Review this year’s planner and account for success/failure rate of goals: This year 63%
> Organize all online and offline materials for next day

Day 2
> Mind map drafts of all personal and professional areas of interest, projects, etc. (1st draft 22 maps, final draft 15 maps)
> Mind maps polish
> Draft affirmations for the new year
> Finalize mind maps

Day 3
> Commit maps to 2020 #passionplanner
> Record audio of affirmations for daily listening after meditation
> Lock and load headed back home ready for the new year with the first 12 weeks of action items detailed

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