What I’m Reading – Week of July 26th

Below are some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking and actionable performance-related content pieces I read, watched or listened to this week.

[pic: Dubya makes a new friend]

  • Don’t Try – Intend

“Why try when you can intend? Well, tries are much cheaper than intentions, and they do accomplish things — just not usually the task itself.”


  • Improve Your Memory And Maintain a Healthy Brain

“Life-long learning is a journey, not a destination — there’s never a shortage of new things to learn.”


  • Focus On Your Legacy Now – There Is No Later

“If you were to ‘depart’ tomorrow, when your peers and loved ones gather to discuss what is your lasting contribution, what you are to be remembered for, what will they say?”


  • It’s OK to Be Good and Not Great

“Trust comes from vulnerability.’ Recent experimental data suggests that this is because deep down inside, most everyone dislikes having to pretend they’ve got all their shit together. When you let your guard down and get real, others feel relieved and gain the confidence to do the same.”


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