New Podcast Interview and What I’m Reading – The Week of Jan 27th

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Ima Sumac Watkins’ podcast SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE on BlogTalkRadio and iHeartRadio networks.  It was a fun and casual conversation but as you can guess we dug deep into themes of motivation, resistance and goal setting. I hope you enjoy the interview and follow Ima for more great content HERE.

And like clockwork, here are this week’s most valuable pieces of content that I digested and found actionable for myself and my clients:


  • On Control and Letting Go

The more we try to control things the less we are open to what is actually happening.”

  • The Great Paradox of Peak Performance

Peak performance happens as a result of trying really hard, and then not trying at all.

  • The Lifecycle of Greed and Fear

You deserve to be right. Isn’t that an innocent idea?

  • On Strategy and Entrepreneurship

We call all companies started by entrepreneurs “startups”, but the kind that is started as a job replacement and the kind that is started to create entrepreneurial profit are different animals altogether.

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